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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Barack Obama On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno!

President Barack Obama will become the first ever President in Office to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno On Thursday 19th March 2009.

Jay Leno is a comic and writer and is known for his witty reportoire and put downs of his guests...So what's going to happen!

A spokesman for the president said that they are looking for a "unique" audience for the show and that "it was not an opportunity for the President to demonstarted his sense of humour, but a chance to explain the economic situation.

A good chance for Barack Obama to pitch of a $3trillion plus proposed budget, including the government's hopes to recover UP TO $165million in performance bonuses from AIG representaives.

However Magazine US News and World Report have reported on this with the headline, "Obama's Jay leno Tonight gig will diminish the Presidency." Add to this recent jibes that Leno has made at Obama makes this an interesting ride!

"President Obama got some good news today. It seems so many of his cabinet appointees have been forced to pay their back taxes, he now gets a finder's fee from the IRS." One of many by Jay Leno!

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